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State Institution of Higher Professional Education
"Belarusian-Russian University"

      Mogilev Mechanical Engineering Institute was founded on September 1, 1961 by the decrees of the USSR and BSSR Councils of Ministers. By order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus №198 of May 17, 2000 Mogilev Mechanical Engineering Institute was turned into the Mogilev State Technical University after it had been accredited for compliance with the status of higher education institution of the university type. According to the agreement between the governments of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation signed on January 19, 2001 in Mogilev, the University was reorganized into the State Institution of Higher Professional Education "Belarusian-Russian University". The University Rector is Igor Sergeyevich Sazonov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor.
      The Belarusian-Russian University is the largest regional scientific and technical center. In 2009 the University was issued two International Quality Certificates: that of the Certification Association Russian Register and the other one of IQNet the International Certification Network. The issuance of these certificates is evidence of the fact that 34 countries of the world have acknowledged the Belarusian-Russian University having effective organizational and managerial structure.
      Problem research laboratories and research-production centers successfully function at the University.
      The Belarusian - Russian University has 6 faculties for full-time tuition, namely the automotive; mechanical engineering; construction; electrical engineering; economics; economics and engineering faculties. It has the correspondence faculty and the faculty of pre-university training. The University also comprises the College of Architecture and Construction, Lyceum, Professional Development and Retraining Institute.
      Students are trained in 18 majors according to the Belarusian educational standards and in 7 majors according to the Russian educational standards. The College of Architecture and Construction trains students in 4 fields. The Professional Development and Retraining Institute allows people already having higher education to be retrained and to get one more higher education Diploma in one of the 9 specialties. The University student community amounts to more than 8,000 trainees, with the total number of students trained at all University structural units being over 12,000. The University takes special pride in its graduates. They are in great demand in a competitive labor market and are well-prepared for putting into practice the knowledge they acquired at the University.
      Studies are held in 7 buildings equipped up to modern standards. The library funds make up over 1500000 copies of textbooks and teaching manuals. The electronic library provides access to information resources of leading world companies and enables obtaining the exact information on any issue instantly. The University has the Publishing Center with up-to-date copying-duplicating equipment. Specialists of the highest qualification are trained through magistracy, post-graduate studies and as external post-graduates in 15 scientific fields. The University has the Specialized Council on Theses Defense and Ph Degrees Award. The University periodically publishes the scientific journal "Herald of the Belarusian-Russian University". International scientific and technical conferences are annually held at the University.
      The University maintains links with educational institutions, organizations and scientists from Bulgaria, China, Germany, France, Iran, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Syria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
      The University has the department for work with international students. Citizens of foreign countries enter Belarusian-Russian University on a contract basis, with the tuition fee being $2,100 per year. It may be paid either by individuals or legal entities. The education of foreign citizens is provided in Russian in all faculties. All students are accommodated in dormitories. Foreign citizens who don't know Russian are offered a possibility of taking a one-year preparatory course to learn the Russian language. Tuition fee in the pre-university preparatory department is $1,300 per year. Upon graduation students are granted diplomas of the international standard. The University puts a hostel at students' disposal. Payment for hostel is $20 25 a month. Admission is possible from June to August.
      Foreign citizens from 36 countries have studied at the University since 1985. Currently international students from Turkmenistan, Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Latvia and Uzbekistan are pursuing their education at the Belarusian-Russian University.

The International Department:
The Head of the Department - Alexander Korotkevich
tel./fax +375 222 25-28-30